Archives for June 2011

Nature Meets Plastic

Last fall, I set a garbage bag with pine needles under the eaves of the house, planning to mulch a nearby bed of seedlings. As these things go, I forgot about the bag until just a few days ago, when I discovered a bird’s nest with four tiny eggs inside.

Later, when I leaned down to the nest for a closer look, the mama bird flew out – very close to my eye I might add. I’m sure I scared her as much as she scared me. I’m pretty sure she’s a Carolina wren. They’re known for building their nests in odd places like baskets, mailboxes, or tin cans – whatever receptacle looks inviting.

I just hope the slippery plastic slope to the nest will be too formidable for snakes and chipmunks. (More on that later).

Welcome to Meander Mountain!

The path beckons.

This is one of my favorite gardens – a bit on the wild side, but lovingly tended. Not far from my birthplace in the mountains of North Carolina, it seems a fitting way to begin this online journal (and journey).

If you like mountains, or nature, or life in the slow lane, come back and we’ll meander together! You’re welcome anytime.