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Spring at the Hardware Store

Kubi and the Golden Larch

Kubi the Nursery Cat

Kubi, a very laid-back, handsome cat, lives at Camellia Forest Nursery in Chapel Hill. He was named for his habit of crawling into the bucket of the nursery’s Kubota tractor when naptime was imminent.

When I saw Kubi (pronounced “Cubby”), he was lounging under a golden larch (pseudolarix amabilis) in a large container near the nursery office. His more-timid predecessor (below) left the plant life a year ago, when she was adopted by a a local family.

Checking the label

Good Plants, Good Price?

Spell it any way you want.

Photo courtesy of Greg Wilson

Earth Day. What’s Your Footprint?

Footprints: Next Generation

This morning I spent some time on Earth Day Network’s website, learning about their programs and using their interactive “footprint” calculator. The calculator is defined as a “resource accounting tool that measures how much biologically productive land and sea is used up by a given population or activity”. I entered information about my choices in food, lodging, and transportation and got a visual impression of how my lifestyle is impacting the ecological capacity of the earth. If you want to take the quiz, you’ll find the footprint calculator here, with a link to a FAQ page about why it’s important.

Gift from Last Spring

This spring, for the first time, a tiny columbine appeared in a crevice of the stone wall covered by a layer of moss and bits of leaf litter.¬†This fragile plant is just outside an area where the chipmunks hibernate. As warm weather comes, the chipmunks come out and sun themselves on the ledge. I wonder if they’ll like their lacy new curtains.

Old Tractor. Old Friend.

Dock's Tractor

I love old farm tractors. To me, they are symbols of hard work and oneness with the earth. Sometimes I see an old tractor and sense the spirit of its owner. I visualize the day-in, day-out partnership ….. farmer and iconic farm machine.

This tractor belonged to Dock, an old friend of my dad’s. Dock is gone now, but his tractor sits outside his house, blue as ever.

Soon To Be Revealed

Clematis Outside My Door

Not for Postcard Use


I was driving east on I-40, singing along to the radio, then …¬†this. Erosion and soil degradation, loss of trees and habitat, ugliness — this view has it all.

Looking for the Pond

"Jeremiah" by Roger Martin

“Jeremiah” is no small amphibian– he’s a little over 36″ tall and almost two-feet-wide. He was displayed in the garden of the Grovewood Gallery, which is on the grounds of the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

For more information on Roger Martin’s work, check out his website here.