Blue Hill

Years ago, an elderly client, Margaret, sent me home with starts of Myosotis sylvatica or forget-me-not. I planted them here-and-there and, right away, forgot my forget-me-nots! Last spring they appeared en masse — a soothing swath of blue under the now-much-larger ‘Forest Pansy’ redbud. This year, only a quarter of the forget-me-nots appeared.

I had forgotten the patch of Aegopodium or goutweed at the top of the hill. Last year, being busy (or lazy), I let some of  the goutweed stay. I knew its aggressive tendencies, but hoped that it would help stabilize the soil until I decided on something more appropriate. It did, after all, have nice yellow flowers and variegated leaves and I figured I could tolerate it for a while. Well, you guessed it — the “patch” took over the bank, spreading rapidly down the hill throughout late fall and winter. This spring, the delicate Myosotis sprouts could not compete.

Now, another garden task presents itself: remove the goutweed, then plant something that is desirable, deer-resistant, and able to play fair with forget-me-nots. (Also, remind myself that no good can come from ignoring or “forgetting” invasive plants)!


  1. Your “Blue Hill” is beautiful, and, yes, some invasives just have to go!