Little Sweet Betsy

Trillium cuneatum - Little Sweet Betsy

Trillium cuneatum – Little Sweet Betsy

Spring begins….. at last. A few leaves of sweet Betsy trillium, Trillium cuneatum, emerged from the rich, black soil near the stone wall a few days ago. Seemingly overnight, those few leaves turned into a clump of several plants, one with a fat bud which will soon become blackish-purple bracts. These native trilliums are all over our three-fourths acre lot, but this particular location is a first for them.

There used to be a lot of mayapples nearby. They’re disappeared, except for a few spindly plants I hope re-appear in a few weeks. Supposedly the deer eat the fruit when it’s fully ripe, so maybe that’s why the mayapples have all but disappeared. Or maybe it’s because of the gardener, who has allowed Vinca minor to get too thick there. (Can’t blame everything on deer).

So much to see right now, but the first signs of life are always the sweetest. Welcome to you, little Betsy, with the splotchly green markings.

Most likely a cross of Trillium cuneatum and Trillium

This clump is likely a cross between Trillium cuneatum and Trillium luteum, a yellow species.



  1. How lucky you are to have all these trillium! What a fantastic sight this must be when they’re all in bloom.

    I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a little while, DJ; hope all is well with you and you are enjoying spring.

    • DJ Wilson says:

      Hi, Rose. Good to hear from you. I guess your teaching stint is just about over and you can get back in the blogging groove. Yes, I love these trilliums. We have five or six different species here (none planted by us) and they are just a delight in spring.