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Laid-Back In the New Year … Maybe

Greeting Card - Penguins

Masquerading as a normal person

I’ve been level-headed and dependable all my life: a do-the-right-thing little girl, then teenager, now woman. It’s ingrained in my genes to help people and solve problems, to be reliable and act normal, for goodness sake.

Well, I’m over it. I’m in my 60’s and it’s high time to come to my senses. In 2016 I want to meander along a laid-back path, alternating wildly between serene interactions with nature and and bring-it-on pursuits of pleasure. If all goes well, I will may:

Fight the urge to be level-headed every second of every day.

Be open to silliness and frivolity.

Tone down the serious.

Surprise myself (and others) by doing the unexpected. 

Stop thinking I have to recycle every paper napkin or piece of plastic in existence.

Let someone else in the family organize my mother’s closets and finances.

Cultivate friends who are goofy, unconventional.


Okay. We’ll see how it goes.

Hope you get all you wish for in the New Year!