about-photoHello and Welcome to Meander Mountain!

The beauty of plants has brought much joy to my life, from the moss-lined tree stumps of childhood, to the two-hundred-specimen jungle of an early apartment, to the vibrant, diverse gardens of today. From the beginning, nature has been my inspiration and refuge.

After a career in the non-profit world — most recently as head of a charitable foundation — I immersed myself in all things horticultural: university studies, a nursery internship, teaching at UT, writing, and establishment of a garden design business in 1993.

At times, I’ve lived away from  the southern mountains — in New York, Maryland, Mississippi, and the piedmont area of North Carolina. While I fared well in those places, I never lost my love for Appalachia and the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains. They’re in my soul and, very often, on my mind.

Now, I travel between east Tennessee and my family’s home place near Asheville, North Carolina. Through the blog, I share some of the compelling and quirky things observed along the way.

Thank you for visiting Meander Mountain. You’re welcome here anytime!

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